Nubia and the Myth of the Amazon Warriors

Learn about Nubia of Thymskera, DC Comics’ first female superhero of African heritage, and her powerful connection to Wonder Woman.

Stories of This Afro-Greek Wonder Woman are More than Comic Book Fiction

The entire world has heard of Wonder Woman, seen her exploits in comic books, graphic novels, television series (animated and live action), and even in major motion pictures. But did you know she had a beautiful, bronze-skinned sister who could match her in nearly every way..? 

Nubia of Thymskera is a fictional character appearing within the pages of Warner Bros. / DC Comics publications and its related media. She is commonly depicted as an ally of Wonder Woman. Historically, she is DC Comics’ first female superhero of African heritage. 

Originally introduced in 1973 as Wonder Woman’s long lost fraternal twin, today she is depicted as one of Wonder Woman’s oldest and closest friends. Created by Robert Kanigher and Don Heck, Nubia debuted in 1973’s Wonder Woman #204 and appeared only intermittently throughout the Bronze Age adventures of Wonder Woman. 

Nubia possesses a magic sword forged by the ancient Greek deity Ares, which is the only weapon on Earth that can counteract Princess Diana’s magic lasso. She could also glide on air currents like Wonder Woman and possesses super strength as well as all other recognized Amazonian abilities. 

The story behind these redoubtable battle maidens was inspired by discoveries of archeological burial sites which uncovered entombed female warriors — including royalty — within the Eurasian Steppes region. Research suggests that the horse-warrior cultures of the Scythian, Sarmatian and Hittite peoples motr than likely inspired the Amazon myth.


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