Pride Work: From the desk of U.S. Representative Cori Bush, on the push for the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution

Cori Bush is asking all supporters to sign now, if you agree that Congress should affirm the ERA as the 28th Amendment to the Constiution.

The Miami Times

Black trans women and gender expansive people have been at the forefront of Pride, the broader movement for LGBTQ+ rights, and the push for the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.

For example, Pauli Murray — a Black transgender attorney, ordained clergy, and civil rights activist — advocated for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) as an important tool to eradicate racialized gender discrimination.

Carrying on the legacy of trailblazers like Pauli, Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley recently introduced pro-ERA legislation and launched the first-ever Congressional Caucus for the ERA. The ERA is an important tool to protect queer and trans people, and it’s especially needed as anti-trans attacks are on the rise.

Please sign if you agree: It’s time for Congress to affirm the ERA as the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, in order to protect people of marginalized genders.SIGN NOW

Our movement has met the requirements outlined in Article V of the Constitution to make the ERA the 28th Amendment: The ERA was passed by 2/3rds of Congress and it has now been ratified by 38 states. Now we just need a few more steps to make it official!

We will keep you posted about this work, and in future emails we’ll explain more about how we can use the ERA to secure more rights like abortion access.

In solidarity,

Team Cori


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