Prison voice with convicted felon Reginald Clemons in Jefferson City

It is a very dangerous thing, to take your own words lightly, when there are people willing and able to kill and die upon your request.


From time to time I allow our incarcerated creatives to express themselves and get their voices heard.

Here is one sent in by Reginald Clemons, one of our city’s most infamous criminals, so they said.

Knock-knock, whose there. ORANGE. Orange who. Orange you glad Trump is not ordering attacks on the FBI. Whenever something does not go Trumps way, he thrust his real and imagined power, to erase the fake news that does not show his hair from the right angle.

It is a very dangerous thing, to take your own words lightly, when there are people willing and able to kill and die upon your request. Its as deadly as pressing the nuclear button by mistake in the morning while trying to turn on the coffee maker.

The most dangerous smart bomb, is a suicidal human being, who has decided to kill as many people as possible, before they are killed themselves. I hope Trump has more love for people and our human condition than he has for feeling his own power, because he can save or kill a lot of people by the sway of his hands. Ricky Waters Shiffer loved Trump and gave his life for what he believed about Trump.

The Center For Disease Control has lifted the Corona 19 Virus restrictions to set us free to go about our day as usual. This is after people were already ignoring and forgotten about the sick people still in the hospitals.

The most dangerous possibility I hope I am wrong about, is Covid 19 virus being given free reign to change into a deadlier virus, like it did in 2019, in the first place. Corona virus has always been around long before 1980’s, but mutated into a deadly virus.

What triggered this mutation is the most important question and are the deadly changes over yet. We need to live our lives true enough because love don’t pay the bills and there’s work to be done.

So, I believe that we have to make sure we don’t forget to be safe, while we remember our lost loved ones and live our best lives. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Jerry Hall just got crazy paid in a divorce settlement between her and Rupert Murdock.

She’s still a beautiful woman after retiring from her modelling career. Women deserve to be well taken care of after divorcing a true player like Rupert Murdock. He’s the man that owns Fox News and its other networks, so this player won’t even feel it when he drops ten thousand in the wash bucket for a clean break or 30 m to support a loved one.

Got milk, he got that bank.

Today, I banged out 100 pushups all in one set without stopping. Yeah Baby. I feel blessed for that. Because I am straight up 50 years old and feeling good.

Next I want to crunch my stomach into a full six pack doing five minute planks and try to get to 30 pull-ups in one set.

I got to stay healthy so I don’t need medical treatment, because we don’t have any medical staff here.

If you have a incarcerated genius with the lyrical voice drop us a line anytime.We will be glad to have them be a noted author for a day. My email is


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