Racers blamed for a near deadly multi-vehicle crash in the Hamilton Heights area

Hours ago, people were advised on Facebook, to avoid Page Blvd., at Hamilton Ave., as the St. Louis Firefighters and medical team cased the scene of three vehicles left demolished after an accident.

As some might not know, Page Blvd., at Hamilton Ave., is a hill, and it is hard to see cars coming up east or west.Unfortunately, car accidents happen at this intersection all the time.

Mainly, you have red light runners and speeders racing through at all times of the day. And, it is just 42 days until summer arrives.


Here is what we know, according to one of the victims, who was pinned down in his truck. The two cars that crashed into him, causing another vehicle to become trapped under his truck, were apparently drag racing. And a white truck fled the scene immediately.

At 3:38 p.m., when The Argus arrived at the location, one driver of a dark colored sedan, that had crashed into the truck, was still stuck under the steering wheel. At that moment, one of his passengers, a female was knocked unconscious and believed to be deceased, but was revived by the medic team.

The back seat passenger, was found with a house arrest monitor, but he was breathing, as they pulled him out of his seat. He appeared to have suffered facial laceration and a broken leg, and will be facing charges.

The injured truck driver’s son mom arrived on the scene, because apparently he could call her to come get the boy, who was not hurt, but very shaken. The truck driver was placed on a stretcher and joined his family inside the ambulance. Thankfully, he will be ok, with a possible damaged knee, and will probably become a crucial witness to it all.

This is a sad and prevailing story, and I am thankful, that no one was killed.

Helicopters and the police department made their way into the calamity, around 3:54p.m., and quickly started directing traffic and asking questions.

As they cleared the road, spectators and stalled drivers stared out in shock, and disbelief of this avertible vicissitude that happens ever so often, at this intersection.

I see thousands of speed bumps all over the city, also called speed humps. But nothing, on this thoroughfare of Hamilton Heights, where the west side begins.

Please use caution, when viewing the photos, they are extremely graphic. All images are by The Newsletter ’05, and should not be used without written permission.


We talked with family members and friends, and are being told that one of the injured passengers, a young man in his 20’s, is fighting for his life, and his brother the driver has died.

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