Racial Reckoning Discussion Series:
Toward Healing and Transformation

Join MMCA Aug. 17 as we explore the guiding principles that led to mobilizing, the progress of interfaith efforts to make racial justice a reality, obstacles to creating widespread and enduring change, and how faith leaders have come together to

Part III: Interfaith Efforts
to Secure Racial Healing and Justice

Racial Reckoning: Moving Toward Transformation and Healing is a series of one-hour, news-style conversations where we examine what, exactly, has changed or not changed in the 2+ years since widespread rallies for racial justice rocked the world, and what it will take to harness our renewed awareness of racial inequity into transformation, healing and narrative change.

In the third installment of our discussion series, we’ll shine a light on and critically examine interfaith efforts by prominent Christian, Jewish and Sikh communities to make racial justice a reality. Interfaith efforts were instrumental in ending apartheid in South Africa and undergirding the Civil Rights movement in America. 

Join MMCA Aug. 17 as we explore the guiding principles that led to mobilizing, the progress of these efforts, obstacles to creating widespread and enduring change, and how, in these times of increased unrest, faith leaders have come together, to confront racism, and “interrogate religion’s role in making true racial justice a reality,” according to Rev. Audrey C. Price.

Religion news reporter Adelle Banks will lead our discussion with Rev. Price and other prominent faith leaders about the role of faith traditions in addressing the racial divisions in their ranks and in wider society, examining the obstacles and solutions to creating widespread and enduring change. The final show segment will be a call-to-action –cultivating ideas that will improve upon actions already begun toward racial reconciliation.




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