SAY MY NAME: Inside the Mind of GRANDPASREVENGE, exploring the Playful and Transformative Soundscapes of Childhood

A compilation of playful and ambient colorful soundscapes that evokes pleasant memories of childhood while also pushing the envelope sonically and challenging musical structures.


Born Domenique Traejon Elam, a man of many colors; a man of many names: GRANDPASREVENGE, DJ grand deft DOMO, domtrejon all of which reverberate throughout the project.


He established his main alias GRANDPASREVENGE in 8th grade, as the handle to his portfolio and showcasing of collages/creative ideas. The early collaging sparked a colorful creative stride across a multitude of mediums, which all seem interconnected by tone, texture, color, and composition. Within our conversation and photoshoot, I found that Domtrejon’s creative components assisted me in not only understanding his artistic code/makeup but evaluating and embracing mine as well. I felt a refreshing creative energy, a fluid one that summons playfulness and dismissal of perfectionism that plagued my compositions pre-interview/photoshoot. 

That fluidity and playfulness can also be attributed to DREW, the 7th-grade rap prodigy who is not only featured on tracks throughout the project but also serves as inspiration for the compilation as well. 

We’ve been working on this project since 2022, the first month of the year of 2022. I wanted to approach music differently, so–I made a song off my iPad. And that song I made off my iPad, I showed it to my brother, and he was able to, like, alter it and affect it in a different way to where I was like, bro, why am I thinking of music so hard? Just like, have fun.”

The project not only serves as an ode to youth but also as an acceptance of its fleeting nature. Domtrejon stated that it was a bonding experience, allowing him and his brother to spend more time than usually allowed and venture into a space of creation– outside of 2k.


“Another thing, how does that process look creatively for him with production or writing? Also, how do you guys compliment each other? And lastly, how do the contrasting creative styles factor into the collaboration?”


“Speaking about the contrast first, it reflects my personal approach. When I go in, I freestyle and I harmonize based on my feelings, like what I feel in the moment. The similarity is that we both get the job done. The song is recorded, in this process- he approaches it with an organic music theory mindset, like how these drums should sound. And he’s also a kid who sometimes just beats on things to be annoying, but it surprisingly sounds good because of my appreciation for sound.”


“Can you talk to me about what you think some of your biggest influences have been within your different mediums and what has been fueling your creativity recently?”


“It’s not even about that. It’s really about defining yourself as the hero and the villain, and you have to conquer yourself and be structured and organized, and disciplined. So I’m focused on development and growth and community and village and strangers, the whole aspect of conquering my vices. So I’m living vicariously, shout out Tumblr, shout out Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Thieves Like Us, 100 GECS, and Crystal Castles— Literally, anything: ambient, and avante garde.

Avant-garde is only one of the many adjectives applicable to SAYMYNAME: Compilation. Within my first listen I was thrust into an aural backdrop parallel to that of a video game, MINECRAFT, or maybe even SUPERMONKEYBALL. Domtrejon keeps the listener on their feet with colorful repeated melodies complimented by silly sounds, intricate drum patterns, playful samples, fluid writing, and lastly a comforting ambiance. There is a mild sense of disorientation that’s simultaneously serene and inviting- like an auditory liminal space.

Songs that sound like a pixelated hug: Frsk 15’, Girls Cry To Domtrejon, Easel, Gallery, Fiber,

Get hype songs: Heat, Japan/Go Faster, Gift, OK 7-11 DISPLAY

In its own lane: Palette

My favorites: Mango, Gallery, Frsk 15’, Easel, Palette

Tweak songs: All of them

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