Manasseh Ministry

The mission of Manasseh is to provide social services to families in need, with special emphasis to families struggling with love ones incarcerated.


Manasseh Ministry is a nonprofit organization, that has been serving families with incarcerated loved ones incarcerated and others in the community since 1996. Over the past 26 years Manasseh has given $5.9 million to over 57, 000 families and logged over 76,000 hours of prison visitation hours in the last 26 years, providing biblical teaching principals and healthy relationship classes. Serving anyone who seeks our services continues to be the pleasure of the staff at Manasseh.

Should you ever need the services of Manasseh please contact us. If Manasseh is unable to service your request, we will contact partners to assist you. Thank you for taking the time out to visit Manasseh Ministry. It is our hope that you will enjoy your experience with us and share your experiences with others. God bless you and remember: Until we help others outside our comfort zones, we are only helping ourselves.


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