Vacationer Directory launches to inspire ‘your next queer getaway’

World’s most diverse LGBTQ travel magazine launches new directory of accommodation


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USA, April 6, 2023/ — Vacationer, the most diverse LGBTQ travel magazine, today announced it has launched a new directory of LGBTQ-owned and friendly accommodation to inspire peoples’ next queer getaway.

In the 18 months since Vacationer ( launched, it has rapidly grown to reach a global audience of nearly half a million people each month, a number that continues to grow month on month. This growth combined with the LGBTQ community’s wanderlust desire to travel meant it was the perfect time for the outlet to launch a Directory.

“It felt right to launch a directory where queer readers can find a hotel they know will welcome them,” said Richard Jones, one of the Co-CEOs of Gray Jones Media, Vacationer’s publishing company.

The Vacationer Directory is being co-promoted around the whole Gray Jones Media network of sites to a combined reach of over 3 million LGBTQ people every month. This cross promotion and access to reach is something unique to the Vacationer Directory and no other LGBTQ travel directory can offer that.
“The reach we can offer to promote these accommodation options is huge and ever growing,” said Robin Gray, Co-CEO of Gray Jones Media. “Travelers and accommodation owners alike will be thrilled with what we’re offering them and our community.”

The Vacationer Directory has launched with accommodations in five key US States pre-loaded: Florida, New York, Texas, California and Illinois. Accommodation owners will be emailed to confirm their listing is in place and can be claimed. Each month, more accommodations in more States and Countries will be added to the Directory.

These free listings offer basic information about the accommodation including name, website and address. However, listings can be upgraded to two further levels, starting at an incredibly low price of just $199 a year, which offer the option to add more information and imagery to help the listing stand out to travelers seeking inspiration.

Of course, at any time, accommodation owners who want to get listed can list their properties wherever they are in the world. If this is in a country or State where few listings have been entered then they will automatically stand out more and will become the go-to option.

Head to to visit the directory and add a listing. For info on claiming a listing, start at


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