A quick snap-shot of the historic Drag Entertainment annual showcase Fannie’s Ball

Relive the excitement and glamour of the recent Fannie’s Ball, a historic event filled with dazzling drag performances and a strong sense of community. Despite a smaller turnout, the night was full of joy and celebration.

Images by: Phoenix B., Quita and Andrea H.

The Fannie’s Ball Coordinator J.R. Thimes

Video: Kitty Litter

Another fabulous historic Fannie’s Ball is now in the history book. It wasn’t the biggest one ever, yet it was very well attended and alluring with remarkable drag entertainment. Hosted by Ming Lee, at The Ambassador Event Hall, whom we’d featured last week, Fannie’s brought a community together in great fashion.

With special appearances by the hottest in drag entertainment, this year’s Fannie’s Ball was very joyous and fun. As noted, there were only two contestants in the competition for best talent, swimwear and evening gown, but the small attendance didn’t seem to care. Because everyone were just happy to come out and witness greatness.

Video: Tiona

As the night progressed, the energy was high as the drag entertainers took the stage with their impeccable makeup, stunning outfits, and impressive lip-syncing skills. The audience couldn’t help but dance and sing along with the performers, creating a sense of unity and celebration.

Video: Ming Lee

Moreover, fans’ favorites and past Fannie’s performers/winners Alexis Principle, Kitty Litter, Regina Aigner and a few others, wrapped their styles around the stage, with soul bearing performances.

Fannie’s Ball is an annual event that happened every year around the Halloween season.Overall, Fannie’s Ball was a night to remember filled with laughter, love, and support. Last, it was a reminder of the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community, and how coming together in celebration can make a huge impact. We can’t wait to see what next year’s ball will bring!



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