Arrive safely during the hectic holiday season

A two car accident involving two dark colored vehicles, a sedan, and SUV.

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A very bustling intersection that brings Maplewood moments away from Richmond Heights..Big Bend Blvd, is the jump off point that connects University City, Clayton, Richmond Heights to Maplewood going south.

Maplewood Police preparing tow truck driver

A two car accident involving two dark colored vehicles, a sedan, and SUV.Maplewood Police gathers info, as Maplewood Fire department cleans up debris and a tow truck prepared to tow at Bruno Ave.

In addition to the shopping district Maplewood Commons, in which traffic is in and out at Bruno Ave.This is a dangerous cross street at Big Bend.

Bruno Ave., at Big Bend Blvd.

I am constantly driving in this area, and sometimes the drivers be going so fast, I just pull over.Because I know what the results may become one day.

Two cars with debris everywhere

And on a Friday afternoon right before rush hour, 4pm has become rush hour.These drivers that live in the area think they own the streets.

So, I bet any money safely, that these are the same people that are involved in such an avoidable situation.

I can’t stress how important it is to drive for yourself and others.Some of these people just don’t care, they drive without plates and no insurance.

Be safe for the holidays, if you are in such a hurry get out 10 minutes early and give yourself some time.Instead of a ride in an ambulance, you might just be home chilling just in time for the holidays.


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