Bi-State Metro transit based in St Louis, plans to close off the Metro Link Platfrom

Will closing off the platform to allow safety to the paying riders, be the best for the region?

St Louis Gov

The Bi-State Development planned to have closed secure Metro Link platforms in the St. Louis region.

Will closing off the platform to allow safety to the paying riders, be the best for the region?

Only time will tell if this will be the right move to cut down on crime in the metro. Even though I drive, I still use the Metro Link to utilize any activities I participate in downtown St Louis. Whether it is courts, lunch, nightlife or grabbing lottery tickets.

I try not to drive downtown; too many potholes, too many construction detours and too many bad no licensed drivers. So, I think this is the right move for Bi-State Metro.

In addition to bad elements on and off the train, this will cut down on train hoppers. Train hoppers get on trains to go do their dirty deeds, without having to pay fares.

They also are out searching for the right target to rob and attack. Trust and believe these ‘lil’ hoodlums know who to mess with when trying to stage a hit.

There are also the people without any place to go, and without money, they get on trains. Moreover, some get on to stay warm in winter, or stay cool during the balmy summers.

I think when closing off the platforms, that they do it in a way that they find an options for some residents of the metropolitan area. All and all, I am behind them 100 percent, and hope it is successful.

Here is what Fox 2 News has to say:


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