Del Taylor is a Man of The Community, Running for Office as Missouri State Representative

Healthcare, Infrastructure, and Gun Violence are a big part of Del’s platform.

Del Taylor

The Missouri Primary Election is vastly approaching as we are two weeks away from August 2nd. While everyone is gearing up to head to the polls, I was blessed with the opportunity to interview “Del Taylor,” who is running for office as Missouri State Representative. I asked Del what makes him different from politicians who always talk the talk but never get anything done? Del stated “I’m not a politician, I’m a chemical engineer. I’m bringing my specific skills and my talent to the legislature to try and solve the problems of our community”

Born and raised in St Louis MO, Del has been an International business consultant for over 20 years, helping global corporations solve their problems as he got close to retirement. He had always been actively working in the community and doing leadership and youth mentoring. As he was distributing food in the food courts, Del stated “In the back of my head, I was like Del you can do better than this. You can solve these problems at a bigger level. there are bigger more systemic issues and I actually have the skills, the talent, and the education to create change.”

Healthcare, Infrastructure, and Gun Violence are a big part of Del’s platform. If elected, Del would love to propose multiple effective bills to help make a difference. One bill, in particular, is If you have a court restraining order against you, you need to turn your gun into the Sheriff. and once the order is lifted, you can receive your gun back. 

When asked once he is long gone from the world. What is it that he wants the people to know about him? “That I was a good guy. That I was a son. a brother. and a man of the community. People would say, I’m a man of integrity, but also a man of service. If I say I’m gonna do something, I do it. If there is a problem, I’m gonna fix it.”

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