Event/Business: Focus on the Funny ‘Way Better’ Wednesdays kicks off In the Delmar Loop with Jason Nelson

It was with great pleasure to meet back up with Focus on the Funny LLC., comedian Jason Nelson.

Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson

A comedy show with a man on the move, Jason Nelson. Prior to the pandemic, I thought he was still in Kansas City, MO, doing his thing.

Jason Nelson

But no, he is back in his hometown still out trying to bring the funny and always for a great cause. We were able to chop it up at the Loop’s premier brick oven eatery In Da Loop Restaurant.

Way Better Wednesday starts December 21, 2022, at 8pm.

And when I say for a good cause, all patrons can attend for free if they bring a hygiene/toiletries product. All items will be then donated to Every Child’s Hope Children’s Home.

OKay, before we go any further, let’s talk about the reason for your upcoming event?

Jason: Sure, as a person who lived in group homes and worked in the field. I understand the importance of being of service. These organizations need all the help that they can get, to save lives.

Tell me about your acts for that night?

Jason: There will be 5, 4 comedians and one poet. I am a big fan of Charles Brooks Jr., and Ronaldo Mercado, both are hardworking and hilarious.One of the comedians are my personal friends.I met when I moved back to Saint Louis.Tommy Dangerfield is an amazing talent. We are also blessed to have Chris Cyr who is a huge contributor to the St. Louis comedy scene. Shy the Poet was chosen for this event, not just for being a dope talent, she was also a ward of the state back in the day.

Why St. Louis and no longer the Kansas City area, for as living?

Jason: I love both cities, but St. Louis is home. I came back to St. Louis for personal and professional reasons. When I did return to St. Louis it was an adjustment, Kansas City spoiled me with diversity, rather it was race, orientation and perspectives on life. I was blessed with an opportunity to produce art, at the Uptown Arts Bar in K.C. But St. Louis had my heart and I wanted to return and a make a positive contribution to our city. Unfortunately, I was going through a divorce. I’d gotten lost in the sauce and got into some horrible things. I was sabotaging myself, all fueled by a broken heart.

Will your event at In Da Loop Restaurant be a weekly thing?

Jason: This will be a monthly event at the venue.

Before we close how long have you been in the entertainment business?

Jason: I’ve been performing for 15 years, producing for 8, traveling for 7, and Focus on the Funny LLC., anniversary will be 6 years.

Final words:

Jason: Comedy is a wonderful tool that brings people to settings to create conversations.



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