Event Knock: ‘Fight in the Ring Not in the Neighborhoods,’ featuring Devon Alexander and Roy Jones is today at 5pm

Devon Alexander, 3-time world boxing champion, is hosting a “Fight in the Ring Not in the Neighborhoods” event at Harris Stowe-State University in St. Louis. The event will feature a special guest, Roy Jones.

Just a short two weeks ago, our local champ Devon Alexander was in town for a press conference, for his fight event “Fight in the Ring Not in the Neighborhoods.” Unfortunately, I was not able to meet up with him due to prior obligations.

However, he did send me his itinerary, and kept me abreasted of what was going on in terms of the activity and marketing surrounding his event, which will also feature another boxing great Roy Jones. In addition to that, Roy went over to Urban KLIFE, 2900 Prairie Ave., in St. Louis, and spoke with the metro area youth.

Because we need more leaders like him to save the ones who want to do right in life. And one conversation from Devon, may have a lasting and very impactful mark on these kids coming up these days.

So, if you are free, and want to have a great time and show your support. Then, bring your family on out to Harris Stowe-State University, today at 5pm. For a great cause, Devon will be hosting his event ‘Fight In the Ring Not in the Neighborhoods’ and catch special guest Roy Jones as well.

ABOUT Devon Alexander—

  • Nicknamed Devon Alexander “The Great” was born and raised in North St. Louis, Missouri
  • Devon  is a Three (3) times World Boxing Champion 
  • Devon used boxing to work hard to achieve many of his life-changing goals.
  • Devon wants to share his insights with St. Louis area youths.

Devon is troubled when he looks around many parts of the city and sees the drastic changing condition of St. Louis.

Today Devon Alexander’s accomplishments extend beyond his boxing titles. Devon Alexander through his sports foundation wants to share his passion, exceptional talent, and dedication to the sport and to his city, by speaking to 150 high school students and area youths about the importance of education, ways to avoid gun violence, and not becoming a product of crime.

Devon’s is inspired by the motto many may be called, a few may be chosen, Yet Devon Alexander “The Great,” is a proven leader and champion who has the skill set to help train and guide our youth to become champion young adults.


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