Hidden Gem: The Baden Community Garden

Exploring the hidden beauty of Baden Garden, a vegetable garden in the Baden area of Newby, on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

While driving through the area of Baden; I came across this very nice, quaint vegetable garden on Baden @ Newby. It was on Saturday, August 12, 2023 this hidden gem was found.

I have driven past this garden repeatedly but I never saw anyone taking care of it and is always so maintained. Well, my luck brought me on Saturday, August 12, 2023 people working in the garden. I had to stop to ask so many questions of the persons there working in the garden. My first question was who the persons were in the garden, then how do they keep it so maintained, then again what is being grown in the garden and last what is all here on these grounds. Mr. Paul Lordis laughed and asked me to slow down so he could give me a very brief lesson;

Because the sun was coming out fast and it’s best to work a garden when it is not so hot. Ms. Carolyn decided she would tell me how things got started with this garden. It turned out that the start of planting of beds began with 27 families planting vegetables or herbs as well as some fruits. Mr. Paul will be assisting with another project that is coming to a beautification project on Lynfield Place. Ms. Forrest has a bed in the garden and will be spearheading the beautification on Lynfield Place. The other families come by and assist with the maintenance of Baden Garden.

The Pastor of Our Lady of the Holy Cross wanted to use the land to bring planting to the area for the community of the church to grow their own vegetables, herbs and plants. On the grounds is a butterfly field and a very controlled wetlands.

I took the photos to just show how in our daily activities we sometimes don’t stop

To really see the beauties around us. Even if it is just vegetables and butterflies. This is an inspiration to uniting the resident of the neighborhoods to working Together and committing to the betterment of their HOME.


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