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Shop with Worldwide Origins during the holiday season and get ready for new and innovative items for Spring and Summer 2024. Browse our crystal bracelets, life membership products, and our new Paisley design products.

Shopping with Worldwide Origins during this holiday season greatly impacts how soon we can bring the products our consumers want and love.  Our holiday season sales impact our ability to continue to bring you new and innovative items, for Spring and Summer 2024.  But before we get more into that I’d like to highlight some of our new and most sought-after accessories available for this holiday season.

We offer several bracelets, like no other bracelet!  If you want to draw attention to your wrist our crystal bracelets are for you.  We offer them with crystals and a new version without crystals, in answer to the desire for a bracelet deemed more conservative.  This new version is now available for Omega and Alpha.  More to come in 2024.

Life membership:

For those members who have paid their fee and received their unique Life Member number, congratulations!  Because you’ve earned this milestone and status, we offer a full line of LM products.  New to our LM line for Phi Beta Sigma brothers we now offer a full line consisting of necklaces, cufflinks, lapel pins, ties, and bowties, etc. And for Alpha and Omega brothers you can enjoy two different LM bracelets plus necklaces, cufflinks, lapel pins, ties, and bowties.

Very new this year is a line of Paisley design products which include cummerbunds, vests, bowties, ties, and ascots. This design is very suitable for formal attire and your Fraternity colors themed Weddings.  Of course, we offer a full line of formal sets to wear in your shirts requiring a stud and cufflink set.

It is our hope that you will shop at our site and refer friends and family, while you enjoy the coupon offers throughout the season.  This brings me back to my initial comments. Shopping with Worldwide Origins during this holiday season greatly impacts on our ability to bring those products you want and love in 2024 and beyond.  We are in the process of finalizing new product categories and new designs in the categories we are known for.  Our customers have very high expectations, and we will strive to meet and exceed those expectations.

It’s a blessing to serve and we are honored to do so.

Vanessa Lacewell


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