Kyjuan Presents “Smokes and Jokes”: A Fusion of Cannabis and Comedy in St. Louis

In the talented city of St. Louis, Missouri, a groundbreaking event is set to take place on November 26th, as Kyjuan, a distinguished member of the prestigious group The St. Lunatics, unveils “Smokes and Jokes.”

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This unique comedy production promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience by seamlessly blending cannabis and comedy, offering the live audience a hilariously lifted good time. Teaming up with Luxury Leaf, one of the only two black-owned dispensaries in St. Louis, Kyjuan, along with his brother, Grammy Award-winning artist Murphy Lee, is bringing forth an event that goes beyond the ordinary. Luxury Leaf, standing as one of the two black-owned dispensaries in the entire state of Missouri, adds a touch of exclusivity to the collaboration. Kyjuan emphasizes that “Smokes and Jokes” is not just an event—it’s a production. 

Drawing inspiration from iconic comedy series like Dej Comedy Jam from the East Coast and Comic View from the West Coast, Kyjuan positions this event as the Midwest’s contribution to the comedy scene. Doors open at 4 pm, with two shows scheduled from 5 pm to 7 pm and 8 pm to 10 pm.  Setting itself apart from other comedy shows in St. Louis, Kyjuan envisions a future for “Smokes and Jokes” beyond the local stage. “We are shooting this as a production, and this could wind up on Tubi or BET Network,” Kyjuan reveals. 

Emphasizing the event’s longevity, he adds, “This is not just a one-time event; we are taking this on the road to multiple cities, with sponsors involved and much more.” Hosting the evening is the charismatic Brandon “Hot Sauce” Glover, and special guest McGriff will grace the stage with a special performance. The event will feature St. Louis’ most talented comedians, carefully chosen by Kyjuan for their professionalism, entrepreneurial spirit, and significant contributions to the local comedy scene.  

“Smokes and Jokes” promises an epic night filled with laughter, applause, delicious food, edibles, and unforgettable entertainment. Kyjuan’s vision is clear—to create an experience that not only captivates the present audience but also leaves a lasting imprint on the future of comedy in the Midwest. The event will be held at BILLIONS ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 4519 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63108

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