I applaud Xavier Jones efforts to get to his graduation, but as adults, we need to do much better

As adults, we need assure that every child, I don’t care if they live in a box, gets the care and attention they need.

Xavier Jones-KMOV

Beginning: Xavier Jones of St. Louis, Missouri, didn’t let a little problem like not having a ride keep him from his middle school graduation. Remembering the advice he received from his mentor Darren Seals about having to get for yourself the things that you want, the determined 14-year-old made a plan to attend the ceremony. He mapped out the six-mile route from his home to Harris Stowe State University, where the ceremony was being held, and enlisted his brother and a friend to make the two-hour journey with him.

Middle: I don’t care what none of these grown people are saying. This is ridiculous, this young man walked 6 miles in the hot sun, from the north side, to get to his graduation. Where was a grown up, or anybody with compassion, at?

Did he not have a phone in his guardians’ home to call for a ride? Wasn’t his mentor able to assist him, or what about a neighborly friend?

I don’t care about Xavier Jones being 14, and with pride; not wanting to ask for help. Whilst his grandfather’s car sits broken down.

Yet he is receiving lots of inducement now after his trek, and as a result, it must have been a big deal.

Reference from KMOV, detailing how he recruited his brother, drinked water for motivation and got to stepping:

A 6-mile trek that took 2 hours: St. Louis teen walks to 8th grade graduation

The bottom line to all of this; teachers, principals and family members need to be more convoluted, especially when it comes to these youngsters’ lives. Moreover, this still shakes me the wrong way, and I only hope his life gets better as he develops into adulthood.

Ending: Boy Walks Six Miles To His Graduation, Gets Full College Scholarship. Remarkably, this is great, but this shouldn’t prompt others to try this, it is dangerous and you are still a child.




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