‘I’d fire every one of them’: Kansas City homeowner frustrated after home jumps up $185,000 in valuation

A Kansas City man has a lot of questions after he received his property assessment.


“How does that happen?”

Bruce Rozenblit’s home is approximately 1,500 square-feet in size and was build in 1925.

In 2021, his assessment came in at $285,000. Two years later, that number went up to $470,000.

“It’s a nice little house,” he said. “I love my house.”

As he did four years ago, Rozenblit will be appealing his number. He expects to win it, but says it’s wrong for the county to keep making major errors.

“People are losing their homes from property taxes,” he said. “This isn’t a game.”

Rozenblit is also questioning the variations some neighbors are seeing.

“Frank White’s house only went up 7% and the two houses on either side went up 30%,” he said. “How does that happen from a computer program? Same thing. It looks to me like they’re screwing with the numbers.”

He says he hopes everyone takes advantage of the appeals deadline extension — and also hopes these assessments never happen in Jackson County again.

“I’d fire every one of them, to be honest with you,” he said. “If I was in charge, I would fire every one of them.”


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