Magic Johnson – A Look at the Teams He Owns

Magic Johnson has been a successful businessman and professional sports owner. Here is a look at the four professional sports teams that Magic Johnson owns and has owned in the past.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson is one of the best basketball players of all-time. He is also an excellent businessman. Throughout the years, Johnson has built an impressive empire through his company Magic Johnson Enterprises. His ventures with this company include things like Starbucks, Burger King, 24-Hour Fitness centers and more. Johnson is also involved with sports teams.

Recently, Johnson officially became part owner of the Washington Commanders of the NFL. He is a part of a group who is taking ownership from former Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. Johnson recently called the move “the biggest thing he’s ever done in life.” 

The Commanders move was significant, and could be the change the team needed to turn things around. And for Johnson, it could be another successful venture under his belt. While the Commanders move is impressive, it is not Johnson’s only venture into sports. He is part owner of multiple teams, and some of those teams have already won championships. Here are four professional sports teams that Magic Johnson owns (or owned in the past). 

1.) Los Angeles Lakers

Johnson was part owner of the Lakers for a period of time. He bought a stake in 1994. This stake was said to be worth around $10 million. The Lakers went on to win championships including the three-peat by duo Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. The Lakers also won two more championships after that, which gave Johnson his fifth championship as an owner. So, when it comes to the NBA, Johnson has 10 championships (five as a player and five as an owner). Johnson sold his stake in the Lakers in 2010, but as a former player, he represents the Lakers any chance he gets.

2.) Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers are an MLB team. They are currently first in the NL West with a record of 57-41. Johnson joined an investment group to bid for the Dodgers back in 2012. The group was announced as the winner the same year. The Dodgers won the World Series in 2020, when they beat the Tampa Bay Rays. The Dodgers were a great move and added to Johnson’s already impressive resume.

3.) Los Angeles Sparks

The Los Angeles Sparks are a WNBA team that was established in 1996 (and was a part of the inaugural 1997 season). They are a well-known team, as players like Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker played for them in the past.

Johnson became part owner of the Sparks in 2014. The Sparks were already two-time champions by that time, and as of today, they are the most recent WNBA team to win back-to-back titles. They won in 2001 and 2002. The Sparks also won a championship in 2016, which gave Johnson another ring. The Sparks are currently 7-15 this season and have had their share of struggles, but undergoing a rebuilding process could get them back on track.

4.) Los Angeles FC

Los Angeles FC is a Major League Soccer team. They are currently second in the Western Conference this season. Johnson became part owner of the team, which began playing in 2018 (as an expansion team). Los Angeles FC won a championship in 2022 after they beat the Philadelphia Union. This was Johnson’s most recent championship win and his eighth as an owner of a team. If Los Angeles FC finishes the season strong, Johnson could end up with another championship.

Johnson has accomplished great things, and with a new chapter ahead of him (with the Commanders), he can add to his greatness.


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