Prison Break: Prisoner Reginald Clemons speaks on still going like an Energized Rabbit

I can’t wait for the day I can take my shirt off and TiK ToK my blast workouts.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Here is more prose and candid thoughts from our contributing inmate Reginald Clemons, housed at a correctional facility in Jefferson City, MO. Years ago, I interviewed Mr. Clemons on another platform and I continued to follow his story.

I’m still going Like an energized rabbit. And It feels good to be 51-years-old and still be strong enough to build a house and hold down a six pack across my stomach, no spray paint.

I have to keep my health up, because medical in this place is none existent and pushing a six pack is easy work because they barely feed us. I have put together a high powered series of thirty to forty-five minute blast workouts, that hit everything in short order.

I can’t wait for the day I can take my shirt off and TiK ToK my blast workouts. So everyone else can experience what its like to build ones bodies up to doing a thousand pushups in less than an hour.

For my soul, I have been digging into playing the piano again, after not touching one for thirty-one years. It use to hurt too much to enjoy the beauty of music, then turn around and bring my mind back to the hopelessness of deathrow.

Now, that I have hope, my spirit is hungry for the beauty and a taste of true inner freedom music brings. The first two songs I played from memory when I tickle those Ivory’s, was LL Cool J ‘s “I Need Love” and Louis Armstrong’s “Oh When The Saint Go Marching In”.

My Mother use take me to the Guitar Center for piano lessons back in 1987-89. My goal in this shared journey called music composition, of call and report, is to touch, taste, and feel Jazz and Ragtime’s movement across my soul.

Maybe someday I will be able to play some Jazz on Tik Tok for everyone and give you all that much more of my soul. Hopes Dreams And Prayers………Reginald Clemons.

This is part of many stories we will be bringing to hear the voices of our incarerated inmates.Feel free to drop me a line and will give your voice to be heard.Editor.


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