University City residents like The Boyds, are still digging up out of flood damaged properties

It was a hard task removal their customers treasured home furnishing and what-not

The Newsletter 05

My heart goes out to the residents of University City, MO. An inner-ring community of the St Louis Metropolitan area, that suffered from the aftermath of torrential rain leading to flooding.

Due to the fact that the city is near many creeks and drainage systems, that feed off St Louis’ many rivers. The torrential rain that the area experienced last week said it all.

The Newsletter 05

In my opinion, you can also throw in the trash that people carelessly have thrown in the sewage from time to time. And not taking in consideration that one day people like Sheila Boyd may have to experience the wrath of a devastating flood.

In addition to mother nature, people can also do their part by working with MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District) and not trash the sewerage system. I sat down with Sheila and she seemed in high spirit.

Even as she watch haulers and her husband clear out their flooded ravaged basement. She stated that the water has receded, yet damage to her food in her deep freezer is still there.

The Newsletter 05

She has been in the modest house that sits on the corner of 1100 Kingsland at Etzel since 2004. She has seen floods come and go, but last week flood was the worst.

There were several other homes with costly possession thrown out on the curb. Moreover, I got a chance to speak with Junk King of St Louis, a junk removal service. The two haulers stated that they will be out and working the area for a while.

It was a hard task removal their customers treasured home furnishing and what-not Possessions that are now considered moldy junk, thanks to the flood waters that drowned any precious memories.

If you or know of anyone that may need junk removal hit up Jeff

Junk King hauling away residents’ junks


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