The Top 5 Black Social Media influencers in St. Louis, MO., and Holly-world!

With that being said, here are the Top 5 black influencers in St. Louis, MO, and beyond.


The choices of Argus’ Top 5 does not reflect any one else’s opinion. It is just a list for entertainment and marketing purposes.

In addition to marketing certain brands, it bring to light that the underserved never get recognition. As a result our media platform is picking those we see who are making stride now and during the harsh pandemic.

This is no way meant to harm or offend anyone. In life everyone can’t win all the time. And we certainly do not want to bad mouth the losers either.

As Editor, content creator and blogger, I always welcome the opinions of others. Yet, I still will do my own research and see if it fits.

With that being said, here are the Top 5 black influencers in St. Louis, MO, and beyond.

Reggie D. Smith

This man is a St. Louis, MO brand all in one, with his Pure Heat sauce, chips, coffee, books and more. If he is not jetsetting all over the globe on the island of Belize, you probably catch him in Miami.

Whether it is a real estate deal or a Pure Heat wings, chilli cook-off, you will find the man with the sauce. So, check my boy out and taste for yourself.

Reggie D. Smith

Isa Shock Harris

When I met this doting father of 4, I believe he was residing in Florida. Now, this media powerhouse has taken up roots in Sinful Las Vegas. If he isn’t moving people’s personal properties around the nations. You will find him being a wonderful dad, and helping independent talents get their music heard all over the world.

Isa isn’t in St. Louis, but he has ties in St. Louis, because he assist our parent company with help on our Talent side. His many podcast platforms enables the Independent artists to get their music into the right market.

Isa Shock

Aja La’Starr Owens

Even though she is no longer in local politics. She is still making noise of her very own. Assisting seniors, homelessness initiatives, and local businesses strive. She is also an author of many children’s books, to help them with their self-esteem and confidence.

This woman is such a strong leader in St. Louis, because she has suffer so many losses over the years. There is no end to the greatness of her, as a result she is widely respected in the small LGQTB community as well.

When Aja speaks, she is speaking very loud and people are always listening.


Franz K. Robinson Sr.

If this young man isn’t coaching his son at his basketball games or traveling sports events. He is somewhere making a positive difference helping bodybuilders stay in shape and learn posing techniques.

Franz like everyone else in the world has experienced a great loss. But he does not allow that to dissuade his passion for staying fit and buffed.

In addition to maintaining a steady schedule with his son and his son’s peers. He is always checking the fitness calendar to see when is the next Posing Championship around the nation.

Franz R.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson’Fan Club❤️

Rock may be a million dollar celebrity, but his influence over social media is noted in St. Louis and beyond. With the start of the exciting XFL rebirth in St. Louis and 7 other cities.

Rock voice is barking louder than the junk yard dog. He has some of the hottest movies, liquor distribution and media brand constantly keeping the mass informed.

What I like about Rock is his love for his family and his promoting on being a great father and son to his mom. And he also is known for interacting with his fans, when most celebrities do not have the time.

Not only is he one of the highest paid actors, he is one of the most charitable stars out there. During the pandemic, he launched the #LikeAVoss movement, where he asked his 269 million followers to do their small part in making the world a better place – whether that’s sharing an inspiring message, doing a random act of kindness or doing something thoughtful for someone in need.


I am so proud of these picks for Top 5 Influencers, look for more Top 5 in different categories coming soon. Take care and continue to love one another.


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