When in Kansas City, Missouri you sight what the Romans see.

Everything seems right in place and glassy and new.

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Kansas City to me is like waking up in the city of Rome. There so many fountains flowing all around you.

They even have fountains at the Kauffman’s baseball stadium, which I read somewhere that the fans love it. I can’t imagine ever attending a game in K.C., without looking at the fountains.

I always loved fountains, even the ones we have here in St. Louis. I think the Union Station ‘meeting of the rivers’ fountain is very immaculate.

But we are talking about Kansas City, so now let’s get back to it. This place is lovely, even their downtown looks like an Roman paradise.

About K.C., it is the largest city in Missouri, but St. Louis is the largest metropolitan area in MO. In addition to being an Independent city, and having the largest county, St. Louis media market is 21st in the United States.

Everything seems right in place and glassy and new. So now, I am going to present you with my list and it isn’t click bait.

Here are my Top 10 things you must see and do when in Rome, I mean Kansas City, MO.

  1. Country Club Plaza
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 4706 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64112

2. The Negro Baseball League

A privately funded museum, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is committed to preserving Negro league baseball history in America. 

The only museum of its kind, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum operates only two blocks from the Paseo YMCA, where Andrew “Rube” Foster, in 1920, created the Negro National League. 

Since its founding, the museum has established itself as one of the most important cultural institutions in the world, giving a voice to the previously forgotten pages of African American baseball and American history. 

And in 2006, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum achieved National Designation from the United States Congress. It’s a true gem in the world of major league baseball. 

My last visit to this site was in 2018, and I can’t wait to return soon.

 1616 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 

3. The Crown Center

Stretching three levels, the Crown Center has more than 30 shops and restaurant options for everyone. So prepare your bank account! Shopping at the Crown Center is widespread, with all the exceptional shopping options catered to different specialties. 

Crown Center Hotel/Hyatt Regency

2450 Grand Blvd Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64108

4. Gates BBQ

Their BBQ ham is to die for, and those ribs will melt in your mouth. I always grab me some Gates’ when I am in town. The last time I was in K.C., had to be pre-Covid, a few years ago. And yes I ate me some Gates’!

Here is the link to the website.

5. Kansas City Live

We have the Ball Park Village, and K.C. has Live!We are just not the same.

6. Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo is a 202-acre zoo founded in 1909. It is located in Swope Park at 6800 Zoo Drive Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. The zoo has a Friends of the Zoo program. It is home to more than 1,300 animals and is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. According to Wikipedia, this is not the best Zoo in Missouri, but maybe St. Louis is better because it is free. Will we ever know?

7. Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art arose from the aspirations of two individuals who likely never met, who had vastly different lives, but who each imagined a public art museum for Kansas City and the surrounding region. Both died more than 100 years ago and neither saw the museum become a reality.

4525 Oak Street

Kansas City, MO 64111



8. Crossroads Art District

I just love this concept. They have art all over the place, with people living in large spaces, fabulous hotels and eatery. You need to get here in May to September. It is a sight beyond the river.

9. K.C. Streetcar

Yes, these things are beautiful,and the scenery is too. Just hop on and take a ride. We have the Metro Link and they have the very FREE streetcars.

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10. The Fountains

And did I mention the fountains earlier?Well last but not least, here is the story.

Nowhere else but in Kansas City will you find…three men and a woman roaring through turbulent waters on the backs of powerful horses…cherubs and winged sea horses seemingly dancing through raindrops…abstract flames boldly rising above softly cascading waterfalls. And the J.C.Nichols Memorial Fountain is but one of hundreds of unique and majestic fountains that make their home in our City of Fountains.

KC Parks maintains 48 fountains with the city, ensuring that they work, stay beautiful and last forever. The City of Fountains Foundation recognizes the important role our fountains play as sources of beauty and celebration and dedicates its efforts to ensuring the continued development and maintenance of Kansas City’s flowing treasures as well.

Explore all 48 KC Parks fountains online and be sure to visit them in person soon!

So, there you have it and if you are looking to hit Kansas City soon. It is just an Amtrak train away from St. Louis, MO.


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