#whomatters: The Peoples Plan St. Louis

Learn about ways to reduce air pollution in the city, including increasing air pollution monitoring, improving waste management, expanding energy efficiency programs, and mandating lead testing in school water systems.

We the people have the power to transform our city. Throughout St. Louis, communities which have historically been excluded from leadership are taking power, inspiring our collective imagination and transforming our collective understanding of what’s possible. We must have the courage to seriously commit to justice, equity and democracy. Sign on below to join our movement.

Building Sustainable Communities

  • Increase air pollution monitoring, ensuring that all 29 monitors in the City are active and monitoring all necessary pollutants.
  • Increase accountability and transparency of the City’s waste management services through publicly-accessible routine evaluations, and conduct a citywide dumpster survey to ensure equitable placement and reduce harmful dumping.
  • Expand funding, eligibility, and education/outreach for the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program (LIWAP) to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs for low-income residents.
  • Pass local legislation mandating lead testing in school water systems with specific standards as to where, when, and how testing will be conducted.
  • Designate mold as a substandard condition within the Building or Health and Safety Codes and require disclosure of mold when a building is sold or rented.
  • Prioritize and provide incentives for green jobs as part of job creation and economic development policies.
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+ Invest in Public Infrastructure

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+ Health and Healthcare

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+ Workforce Development and Jobs

Resource Guide

Community Resources: Environmental Racism in St. Louis, Segregation in St. Louis: Bridging the Divide, Ferguson Commission Report, For the Sake of All

Campaigns: St. Louis Housing Defense Collective, Homes for All, Fight for 15, Reproductive Freedom Front, Missouri COVID Action, Affordable Housing Coalition, Homes For All St. Louis

Anchor Organizations: ArchCity Defenders, Action St. Louis, Empower Missouri, Forward Through Ferguson, MO Jobs with Justice, NARAL-MO, Missouri Health Care For All, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, SEIU Healthcare MO/KS, SEIU Missouri/Kansas State Council, Faith For Justice, Missouri Faith Voices, Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice

Learn more: Visit: https://www.peoplesplanstl.org/



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