Will you go to the Prom with me?: St. Louis Central Public library formal exhibit slated through 2024

The Prom Magazine exhibit runs now until January 7th, in the Great Hall, downtown St. Louis at Central Library.


Picture this, (In my Sophia Petrillo’s voice) St. Louis, downtown on a balmy afternoon. I’d decided to run an errand, and get a good walk in. I was curious about a crowd of tourist coming out of the Central Library. And besides, I needed to make some copies in the technology room. So, I walked up the stairs to the palatial Great Hall of the library.

Upon my entry. I saw a dazzling ‘Victorian-ish’ era prom dress in the middle of the foyer. Suddenly, my curiousity was killing me softly. It was part of the Prom Magazine exhibit. In my opinion, no one goes way out for the prom, then the teens in the St. Louis area.

It all starts with “Will you go to the Prom with me” and the rest becomes history. Fancy cars, hotel parties and glamorous suits and gowns adorning some of the most popular high schoolers.

Check out the photos below, or just hop on down to Central Library downtown, and see for yourself.

PROM Magazine: Where did you go to high school?

COST: Free


AGES: All Ages, Kids, Teens, 18 & Over, 19 & Over, 21 & Over, Seniors

Central Library – St. Louis Public Library

1301 Olive S

St. Louis, MO United States


PROM @ SLPL celebrates the unique cultural relationship St. Louis has to the special four-year shared experience we all call “high school.” PROM @ SLPL consists of two components – a prom event and an exhibit at Central Library in 2023.

The “PROM Magazine: Where did you go to high school?” exhibit highlights St. Louis Public Library’s extensive collection of PROM Magazine.

Published from 1947-1973, PROM Magazine was produced “exclusively for the youth of Greater St. Louis” and represented all the high schools – public and private – of the area.

Images by The Newsletter ’05
The Newsletter 05


The cost associated with Proms can vary greatly depending on the location, size, decorations, entertainment, and additional factors. Generally, numbers range from $40 to $500 per person, depending on the level of extravagance desired.


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