Worship Power: Pre-Thanksgiving In person Crusade kicks off Sunday morning

This is just a public service announcement, and it is not meant to force anyone to join or be a part of any religion or creed.


Facebook FAMILY FRIENDS AND FAITHFUL supporters, please join us for a spiritually uplifting Experience! 🙏 as we UNLEASH THE POWER OF PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING…LIVE!!!

Absolutely! IT IS A beautiful way to embrace the spirit of GOD and celebration as the talented soloist Herman Gordon HELPS us SING praises to OUR GOD, we’re gearing up for a DAY filled with music, inspiration, and THANKSGIVING.

THIS gathering of family and friends coming together at Official St. Paul AME Church, ready to uplift our spirits and reflect on the blessings in our lives THAT GOD HAS GIVEN. Thanking and Praising him for what HE has DONE and CONTINUING to do.

BELIEVE ME… the atmosphere is bound to be AWESOME as the PRAISES GO UP!!!

📆 Date: Sunday, November 19, 2023
⏰ Time: 10AM

WE WANT TO PACK THE LORD HOUSE …So Don’t meet US there, beat US there!!

1260 Hamilton Ave St. Louis, MO 63112































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