18 years ago today, Aug. 30th, Flooding intensifies in New Orleans a day after Hurricane Katrina makes landfall

A look back at Hurricane Katrina, which struck Mississippi and Louisiana in 2005, resulting in massive damage and an estimated 1,800 deaths.


I remember this sad, horrific event that took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was just starting my promotion company, which in fact was 6 months old.

In addition, right now today, we are experiencing hurricanes in Florida. With devastating wind, rain and flooding, swamping most of the panhandles…

But, let’s take a look at the devastating memory of Hurricane Katrina:

One of the most devastating natural disasters in recent American history, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Mississippi and Louisiana on August 29 with winds maxing out around 170 miles per hour and a storm surge up to 26 feet. Though New Orleans wasn’t in the line of a direct hit, the city underwent devastating damage that day and the next, as continued heavy rainfall pummeled the area and the storm surge filled the lakes surrounding the city and breached the levees. In low-lying areas like the 9th Ward, many residents sought shelter on their rooftops and were rescued by helicopter. Elsewhere, the Louisiana Superdome provided refuge for 30,000, while 25,000 more evacuated to the Convention Center. During the worst of it, about 80 percent of the Big Easy was flooded, reaching depths of up to 20 feet. When the waters finally cleared, the Gulf Coast region faced more than $160 billion in damage, making it the costliest natural disaster in the nation’s history, and an estimated 1,800 people lost their lives. —Nicholas DeRenzo


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