Breakfast matters: How do you keep the sugar out of the back to school rush?

So, when you are making a choice for those kids, it is ok for them to cheat.


When I was around 9 or 10, I could never forget the matching breakfast bowls we all had at breakfast time. Of course we didn’t eat cereal everyday for breakfast before school.

Yet we did cherish eating in colorful cartooned-characters novelty bowls with spoon. our folks didn’t have a lot of money but they made us feel like we did.

When we did pull out the bowls and milk for the big market cereals like Captain Crunch Berries or Fruity Peebles, maybe? We ate a lot of sugared products and didn’t even care.

Mom would be in a hurry herself, due to having to rush out to catch a ride to work. So, that pancake and bacon meal would have to wait until the weekend.

I went into the grocery store and stood in the cereal aisle reminiscing, the song by Little River Band popped up in my memory. And long behold, I bet my folks were jamming that soft rock listening to school closing on those snow day.

Moreover. as I stood in the cereal aisle, an Instacart shopper was battling with her phone. I guessed the customer was trying to text a replacement breakfast choice. Who know?

In addition to trying to decide what cereal I wanted to eat. I grabbed some Almond Milk to compliment my choice.

Now, as a full grown adult, I knew the sugar content was a bit too exorbitant, so I said I would get the Fruity Pebbles. Mind you, I haven’t had any sweet cereal in a long time, so don’t judge me.

I wanted me some cereal and this was my cheat week. So, when you are making a choice for those kids, it is ok for them to cheat. Because they will be burning it off at school.

I only eat cereal at night, so I have to watch my sugar intake.

Fruity Pebbles contains 8 grams of sugar.


Fruit Loops is another one of my favorite with 12 grams.

The Newsletter 05

Captain Crunch with 17 grams.

Frosted Flakes with 12 grams

Corn Chex wins with 6.5 grams of sugar.

Heart healthy Cheerios brand averages 12 grams of sugar.

Have fun shopping for cereal, but don’t have the kids thinking this is a daily meal. But it is so much fun to pour the milk into the delicious sweetness.

In addition to the high sugar content you still have to watch the pocketbook, as a result of the cost of a regular 12 oz., box.

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