ET Pankins: The Nasty Man of Blues, nominated Entertainer of Year at The ReMix Awards Show

Meet ET Pankins, a St. Louis-based Blues singer whose powerful vocals and deep connection to the genre have earned him a nomination for “Blues Entertainer of The Year.”

Courtesy of The Master ET.

St. Louis, a city known for its rich musical heritage has created some monumental stars, but one man stands out as a remarkable Blues singer – ET Pankins. Born in the energetic city of Chicago, Illinois, and raised in the soulful streets of St. Louis, Missouri, ET’s journey into the world of Blues began at a tender age. From the influence of his grandmother, who played the legendary records of B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland, left an everlasting mark on his young soul.  By the age of five, ET was belting out timeless Blues classics like “The Thrill Is Gone” and “Further Up the Road.” Because those early exposures to the greats not only honed his vocal prowess but also shaped his profound connection with the Blues, a genre renowned for its storytelling and emotional depth.  

And when asked what sets him apart from other Blues artists, ET confidently declared, “Because I’m not afraid to be who I am.” Unconstrained by conventions, ET embraces his role as “The Nasty Man of Blues,” ready to dive deep into the murky waters of life and make music come alive.  Beyond his music, ET Pankins is deeply involved in St. Louis’ vibrant music scene. He manages “J’s House of Music,” a club that caters to ages 35 and up, offering great vibes and top-notch entertainment. Additionally, he is the proud owner of “Etpartybuss Transportation,” ensuring that customers have unforgettable and exhilarating experiences.  

Furthermore, this year, ET’s hard work and dedication have earned him a nomination for the prestigious “Blues Entertainer of The Year” award at The Remix Awards on October 22nd. He’s humbled by the recognition and views it as a testament to the growing support of his fans. For ET, it’s not just about the music; it’s about the people who’ve been there every step of the way.  Looking to the future, ET Pankins hopes to be remembered as a man who belonged to the people, always ready to answer their call. He aspires to leave an enduring legacy, and for him, an award is more than just a trophy; it’s a symbol of the journey, hard work, and dedication that shaped his life.  

in closing, ET Pankins, the “Nasty Man of Blues,” is not just a singer; he’s a storyteller, an entertainer, and a man dedicated to bringing the Blues to life. His journey is a testament to the power of music and the indomitable spirit of an artist unafraid to be himself.

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