Her Story Matters: Kimberly Robertson-St. Clair is Making Traffic Stops Safer after her invention of DOC DASH

Kimberly Robertson-St. Clair making better communication and etiquette work between the police and the drivers, through her Doc Dash invention.

Kimberly Robertson-St.Clair

Women History Month. (Originally published 3-13-2023)

Kimberly Robertson-St. Clair strives to create change worldwide, with her phenomenal invention of DOC DASH. She has units in stock right now, and DOC DASH is a minority-owned and operated company, committed to improving the relationships between police officers and the communities they serve.

 I firmly believe this groundbreaking tool will save many lives. DOC DASH is an organizational communication unit used to communicate with police officers and paramedics, during traffic stops or medical emergencies.

Courtesy of Kim’s Facebook profile

 DOC DASH conveys, at a glance, any non-visible situations, circumstances, or disabilities, while simultaneously displaying all state-required motor vehicle documents. Kimberly states “the purpose is to create layers of safety for police as well as motorists through protocols of engagement that respect the humanity of all involved. It gives motorists a proactive way to communicate to law enforcement what may be going on.”

I asked St. Clair. What does she think the separation is between drivers and the police? Kimberly stated “We have never been educated on police engagement, we have been taught how to drive, and how to obey traffic laws, but there has never been an education in terms of how to engage with police officers. It’s always after the fact when something bad happens that we become irate. Let’s educate people on traffic stop etiquette.”

The full video interview:


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