How to help a new St. Louis cooling center

“It’s brutal out there. It’s our first time being a cooling center,” Development Manager Tim Elwell said.

Zuzana Ruttkay

The sun shines down on St. Louis and dangerous digits continue to climb this week.

That’s why AmeriCorps St. Louis is stepping in.

“It’s brutal out there. It’s our first time being a cooling center. We have water, snacks, some food and air conditioning,” AmeriCorps Development Manager Tim Elwell said.

The nonprofit focuses on providing skill-building and leadership development opportunities for young adults wanting to make a difference. It’s a national service organization, which carries out projects related to environmental stewardship, wildland firefighting, and disaster response.

As a result of emergency relief, it also operates a shelter for the unhoused community in Soulard.

“We definitely see a need for it. The summers get hotter and hotter,” Elwell said. “A lot of things we offer are donated by churches and nonprofits.

Elwell asks for more volunteers and encourages more donations.

“Waters, snacks, anything they can put in their purse or bag and bags are something we always looking for. Anything that can make their life easier for those living on the street. That’s what we want to offer,” he added. 

Looking to help? AmeriCorps St. Louis needs some of these items:

  • Men’s shoes (sizes 9-12)
  • Pants (sizes 30-40)
  • Snack items (nutrition bars, crackers)
  • Beverages (bottled water, Gatorade or soda)

Donations are accepted at their location Monday through Friday, 9 a.m-5 p.m. 

If you’re wanting to volunteer, you can contact Tim Elwell at for opportunities.


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