Meet the St. Louis Small Business Empowerment Center

Entrepreneurship is a vital component of Urban Economic Development

Be Empowered To Plot Your Own Course in Life!

The Small Business Empowerment Center is a Missouri 501c3 Nonprofit Organization sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Empowerment Zone to serve as a one stop shop to help urban entrepreneurs startup and “stay up” their own business enterprise.

The SBEC’s mission is to provide economic development services focused on assisting entrepreneurs to help them sustain and grow their businesses and thus create wealth within their communities. SBEC helps entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of starting businesses in distressed and underserved neighborhoods and urban “Main Street” business districts through four major resources:

  • Educational Workshops
  • Community Programing
  • Consulting Services
  • Access to Capital

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You are the soul of your local community, and you drive the US economy. You create opportunities for your family and jobs for those who need them.  

The American Small Business Growth Program has a singular focus: to give you the structure, support, and access that you deserve so that you can accomplish your goals and live your dreams.


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