You just have to love the aldermanic nominee for President Megan Green as she takes to her dog for promotions

As she continues to raise funds on her behalf during the race to the finish line.

Megan Green

I have come across some stories, but this one hit me with a barrel of laughter. As she continues to raise funds on her behalf during the race to the finish line.

Alderwoman Megan Green’s, of St. Louis city’s 15th ward, Alderdog Dewey, has something to say:

Hey! I’m Megan Green’s Alderdog, Dewey.  You know, “Alderdog” is a title that carries a lot of responsibilities. I’m a serious policy pup (just ask about my plans for water bowls at every stoplight!), and a top-notch paper shredder. But I really shine at keeping Mom’s spot on the couch warm. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.)
I’ve been my mom’s sidekick for a long time – way before all the hens arrived. Let me introduce you to Ruth Bader Hensberg, Shirley Chickholm, A Hen Has No Name, Amelia Egghart, and Princess Laya. (Psst: Mom always says I’m the Best Boy. Don’t tell the chickens.) Together, we’ve got a couch/coop-side view of how committed Mom is to making St. Louis a City that works for everyone. We’re really proud of her. So we wanted to help! She told us the other day that it’s the “end of the quarter,” (whatever that means) and that she’s not hit her fundraising goal yet. She’s just got $3,800 to go. Can you help? Your donation of $25, $60, or $10 will help our mom get out her message – and build a City that works for everyone! 
Your neighborhood Alderdog, and the friendly flock of freedom fighters, Dewey, Shirley, Ruth, Hen, Amelia, and Laya
Yes! I will CONTRIBUTE to Progress
 Megan Ellyia Green currently represents the 15th Ward in the City of St. Louis and is running to be the President of the Board of Aldermen. For more information visit or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


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