Nominated: Congratulations, to G Souldier for being honored at this year’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards ceremony

On November 16, 2022, The 13th Annual Hollywood Music In Media Awards was held at the Avalon, Hollywood.

Lacey G Souldier Turner

We are proud of our talented bloggers, journalists and sales operatives. So, much that we love when they share their stories with the readers. Here is Lacey ‘G Souldier’ Turner, one of our most promising writers, on his trip to Hollywood.Editor.

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards is a prestigious event created by the Founder Brent Harvey, where some of the most electrifying stars come out while being celebrated and honored for their musical songs and scores in all visual media across the globe. This year is special for me because I, Lacey “G Souldier” Turner, received the greatest news. 

Photos courtesy of Lacey G Souldier Turner

My song “Rescue You” was nominated for the award ceremony in the Original Recording category. This is another amazing feat in my quest for success. What makes this accomplishment phenomenal is that my song beat out hundreds of other songs to compete in the slot for Best Original Recording. I was elated when I received the message that I was a nominee. I’m also in the process of remaking “Rescue You” with the amazing artist and actor “Thuliso Dingwall” from the hit television series “The Wire.” 

Rescue You” is a soulful upbeat Hip Hop/Pop song that details rescuing a woman from the misery and struggles that she is going through. The lyrical skill in the song shines a light on the issues and saves the woman, allowing her to see her inner beauty and everything she has to offer to the world. The song delivers a positive message to its listeners.

 On November 16, 2022, The 13th Annual Hollywood Music In Media Awards was held at the Avalon, Hollywood. I was honored to be mentioned in a category of the elites. I was elated to rub shoulders with some of the pioneers in the industry including “Weird Al Yakovich” and Tommy Davidson. It was exhilarating to walk the red carpet as the media spoke my name while snapping pictures.

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