Non-profit next: Dream Builders 4 Equity on a mission to provide sustainability in St. Louis

Dream Builders 4 Equity is on a mission as well to provide our youths and adults alike with a gainful life.

Dream Builders
Dream Builders

I always long to find a great non-profit/for-profits in our community that is for forward movements. In a city like St. Louis where divisiveness is the way to sustain sensibility.

We find ourselves aways looking to improve on perfectiveness and equality. Because if we don’t figure this region out and soon, we will be last in everything.

And that not the St. Louis our forefathers intented, in a city of FIRSTS. Yet the forefathers is why we are divided in the first place.

Dream Builders 4 Equity is on a mission as well to provide our youths and adults alike with a gainful life. A life that encourage others to follow suit with full potentials.

With Dream Builders 4 Equity you can develop your life into a pattern of rewards and confidence. A confidence that hopefully one day will circumvent a better St. Louis and a greater tomorrow.

For-Profit Social Enterprise

Dream Builders 4 Equity:

Dream Builders 4 Equity (DB4E) is working to develop economically sustainable and socially engage communities by growing equity for youth, businesses, residents, and real estate.


Real Estate Program

We envision a world in which all communities have the courage to dream, the skills to build, and the resources to own their future.


We are tackling the vacant home epidemic plaguing the St. Louis region by employing local minority youth and contractors to do large scale community-led development projects – putting money and equity back in the pockets of people within the community while creating workforce development and scaling minority-owned contracting businesses.

While employed and participating in our Summer Academy and Apprentice Program, historically underserved youth develop the skills needed to succeed academically and professionally, while also retaining ownership and equity in the revitalized properties in the form of scholarship funds.

We ensure our development efforts protect against the displacement of current residents by providing renovations for seniors and grant support for property tax increases that disproportionately affect minority residents.

Our approach transforms neighborhoods that have been historically divested in into thriving communities where residents have the opportunity to live out their full potential.

In the comings weeks after Thanksgiving we will deep dive into a conversation with the staff over at Dream Builders, so stay in contact for the Zoom interview.

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