Opinion: A Teachable Moment About the Black Culinary Scene In St. Louis, MO

DariusCooks, the web personality/ food influencer visited St. Louis this past week to do his cooking dinners for several prepaid private parties. Here’s a detailed analysis of his visit and the restaurants he visited.

DariusCooks, Food Personality

I’m gonna get right into it. DariusCooks the web personality/ food influencer visited St. Louis this past week to do his cooking dinners for several prepaid private parties. Before he came, he asked where to eat so he could do his reviews/ influencing.  For the most part, he lit the town up, as in he was brutal, and some St. Louisans got into their Fee-Fees. Let’s keep it simple.

1. DariusCooks is part of a community of web food influencers/ reviewers in various cities. For the most part they give only great or terrible reviews.  There is very little in between. They get clicks on the extremes. Their research on the food scene is mainly from online comments from residents from the city they are visiting or search engines. So, when DariusCooks came he went to the places that WE selected. And from what I have seen from his past, he is going to be mostly negative.

2. He went to Red’s One and Only BBQ.  We know the story with Red (short version- tax problems, multiple closed locations, prison time). Red has some of the best BBQ in town. BUT he ‘be some timing’. Sometimes it is so good you w8anna slap yo  Mama. Other times it is so nasty you wanna slap his Mama and his Auntie too. It depends on what time he left the club last night. The main thing you should get from Red’s is the rib tips with sauce to go. Darius gets some of everything and dines in.  I know Darius’s prissy ass wasn’t going like it because Red’s ain’t set up for no dine in. They served him so old meat.  With the hype of Red’s, anybody would have given a bad review. Since this is my last column, Red needs to take them fake ass pictures off his Facebook page. Aint no white folks gonna be setting a table for no Red’s in St. Louis.

3. Creole with a Splash of Soul …Oh Boy……… This is a restaurant started by a person who left one profession to jump into this business. At this time, this restaurant should not have been on DariusCooks list. He goes and resultingly he gets into an internet fight with the owner. Not a pretty scene.

4. Gobble Stop Smokehouse. I think they have been resting on their laurels. They will tighten things up. DariusCooks’s visit is a warning. The next influencer will be harsher.

5. Elicious – 4 Hens Creole Kitchen – Cathy’s Kitchen.  These three restaurants fall between the great and terrible review so not in DariusCooks strike zone.

6. Rated Test Kitchen. DariusCooks gives a great review.

7. B&I Eatery.  This is a newer restaurant that should not have been on the list.

8. It seems that the owner of Lefty’s Fried Rice attended one of DariusCooks dinners in an attempt to review the reviewer. She went live on the internet claiming the food was undercooked and made her vomit. Starting another internet fight.

In summary DariusCooks came to St. Louis and threw some bombs into the black restaurant community. Some of his criticisms have merit. I have talked to several diners who dealt with some of the same issues; not being open during posted hours, bad service, ordinary food and bad food. So, if you have a problem with his visit here is a partial list of the restaurants he visited, and you can patronize them because they can use your support. By the time you read this DariousCooks has moved to another city.

Cathy’s Kitchen Restaurant & Diner

250 South Florissant Road

Ferguson, Mo. 63135

Hours 11am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday



500 South Florissant Road

Ferguson, Mo 63135

Hours 7am-2pm Tuesday – Saturday

Sunday 10am-3pm

Closed Monday

4 Hens Creole Kitchen

3730 Foundry Way

St. Louis Mo 63110

Hours Monday – Saturday 11 am to 7 pm

Sunday 11am –6pm

Gobble Stop Smokehouse

1227 Castillon Arcade Plaza

Creve Coeur Mo 63141

Hours Wednesday – Thursday 12pm –6 pm

Friday 12pm –7 pm

CLOSED Saturday

Sunday 12pm –6pm



Red’s One and Only BBQ

304 South Florissant Road 

Ferguson, Mo 63135

Hours Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 9p.m

B & I Eatery

3770 Jenning Stations Road

St. Louis Mo. 63121

Hours Monday 8am-7pm

Tuesday – Friday 7am – 7pm

Saturday 9am-7pm

Sunday 9am- 5:30 pm

The following two restaurants are going to need your support and prayers.

Lefty’s Fried Rice

3000 S Jefferson 

St. Louis 63118 

Hours 11am to 8 pm Mon – Friday

11am to 4pm Sunday

Creole with a Splash of Soul

Wed-Friday 4-9:30pm!!! 

4353 Manchester St.Louis 63110

Sat 12-8:30pm 


Closed Monday and Tuesday


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