Pastor Spencer Lamar Booker’s vision for the west end, encompasses a massive Center for Senior Living in the city’s west end

A massive senior living center, with all the amenities that will enable them never having to leave the facility.

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I was summoned by a spiritual tap to the location of St. Paul AME Church in St.Louis. A neighborhood spiritual palace that welcomes anyone looking for a stabled church community.

The Rev. Spencer Lamar Booker, resides as the pastor, of a church that is a pillar in the area. In addition to also serving those in need of guidance through out the city of St. Louis.

He spoke to me about running for Bishop, while we strolled along a huge plot of land facing North of Page, and west of Hamilton. As a result of several blighted homes being razed over years, leaving an abandoned walnut tree, debris, leaves and mud paths.

Pastor said we can discuss his Bishop’s aspiration for the African Methodist Episcopal Church later. He was more concerned with his vision and God’s plans, as I was walking in this mud path with white tennis shoes on.

But I digressed, the pastor is my dear friend, so I guess the mud wasn’t going to kill me. Rev. Booker’s vision was bigger than the city could ever imagine, as we stared out at the land.

Newly elected State Rep., Del Taylor, who is part of our media radar, is also the rep. for the Hamilton Height ward-22. He was on hand to give insights on conservational proceedings, grants and property demolition.

Because with Rev. Booker’s vision, comes the city of St. Louis’ rules of engagements and political “tape of red”. His non-profits Renaissance Revitilizational Community Development Corporation wants to take a minor plateau of the city, and turn into something big.

A massive senior living center, with all the amenities that will enable them never having to leave the facility. He wants a grocery store, laundry, small clinic and more within reach.

I think this will be a huge game changer in the city of St. Louis, and I believe with the right team. This can be pulled off by Rev. Booker effectively.

I will be updating this story as it all unfold. In the meantime take a look at the photos.

Photo Credits: The Newsletter 05)

(Rev. Booker in black discussing his vision with state representative Taylor, with St.Paul AME Church in the background to the south)


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