Physicians Weight Control & Wellness Centers and Unpickled Join Forces to Accelerate Weight Loss with Holistic Meal Plan

Collaboration Promises Comprehensive Weight Management Solutions, Including Reduced Inflammation, Increased Energy, and Improved Overall Health

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/ — Physicians Weight Control & Wellness Centers (PWCC) and Southside Nutrition Consulting have agreed to provide patients with their Unpickled holistic meal plans designed for their clients. This partnership will provide a unique way to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle while minimizing inflammation, reducing stress, and improving overall health.
The collaboration between PWCC and Unpickled aims to address multiple aspects of health and weight loss, including reduced inflammation, stress relief, improved memory, reduced allergies and asthma, improved heart health, improved immune system function, and hormone equilibrium. The partnership will enhance PWCC’s physician-led weight loss programs and help customers achieve their weight management goals. Each week through the website, customers will receive easy-to-follow meal plans that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks a day for five days a week. Each week brings a configurable new meal plan and holistic nutrition coaching to help members improve their health.

A key component of the collaboration is the integration of the Unpickled RESTART® Program, a five-week, certified RESTART® instructor-led sugar detox and elimination diet that delivers increased energy, boosted immune system, more restful sleep, clarity, focus, and decreased anxiety. The PWCC Restart class, which incorporates the Unpickled Restart Program, will begin on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at 6:30 PM. All classes meet online every Thursday at 6:30 PM for approximately one hour each week for five weeks. Registration for the class is now open at

Dr. Chris Puempel of Physicians Weight Control & Wellness commented on the partnership, “We are excited to join forces with Unpickled to provide our patients with a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to weight loss and wellness. The Unpickled Restart Program and Unpickled Meal Plans perfectly complement our physician-led services, and we are confident that they will complement our therapies and help patients achieve their weight management goals while enjoying the numerous health benefits associated with reduced inflammation and sugar detoxification.”

Niki Claybrook, Founder of Southside Nutrition and Unpickled, shared her enthusiasm, “This collaboration with PWCC is a testament to our shared mission of promoting lifelong health and wellness. Our holistic meal plans and sugar detox programs are designed to empower individuals to take control of their health and make lasting lifestyle changes. We are thrilled to work with the expert team at PWCC to help more people enjoy the benefits of our programs.”

For more information on Physicians Weight Control & Wellness Centers, visit their website at To learn more about Unpickled and their holistic meal plans, visit

About Physicians Weight Control & Wellness Centers
Physicians Weight Control & Wellness Centers is a leading provider of physician-led weight loss programs, offering customized solutions to help patients achieve their weight management goals. With a commitment to evidence-based practices and exceptional patient care, PWCC has transformed the lives of countless individuals by promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

About Unpickled
Unpickled is a holistic health and wellness company specializing in meal plans and programs designed to aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and promote overall health. Their Unpickled Restart Program is a sugar detox and elimination diet that has helped thousands of people achieve increased energy, improved sleep, and better overall health.


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