Recap Outage: Severe Storms Disrupted Power for Thousands in St. Louis

On Saturday, severe storms hit St. Louis Missouri, causing extensive power outages and leaving over 100,000 people without electricity.

Jeff Roberson/AP

As of July 4th, 5,900 people in St. Louis and 15,100 in St. Louis County were still without power. Ameren Missouri has deployed more than a thousand utility workers to restore the power.

Over the weekend, the city and county had experienced severe storms that caused widespread power outages. Over 100,000 customers in St. Louis alone, were affected by the powerful storms that struck the region on Saturday afternoon. 

The severe weather knocked down power lines, causing extensive damage and disrupting electricity supply. Tragically, two individuals lost their lives during the storm, highlighting the severity of the situation.  

In the aftermath of the storm, utility crews have been working tirelessly to restore power to the affected areas. As of 5 p.m. on the 4th of July, approximately 5,900 residents in St. Louis and 15,100 in St. Louis County were still without power. However, this marked a significant improvement from Monday evening when over 40,000 customers were left in the dark. 

 Ameren Missouri, the main utility company serving the region, has deployed more than a thousand utility workers to expedite the power restoration efforts. These dedicated professionals have been working diligently to repair the damaged infrastructure and reconnect electricity for the affected customers.  

Launders Wince, the division director for Ameren Missouri, has appealed for patience from the residents as crews work to clear brush from downed trees, which has slowed down the utility repairs. Despite the challenges faced by the crews, substantial progress has been made. 

By 6:19 p.m., today, power had been restored to 1,218,131 homes across St. Louis and the greater metropolitan area, leaving only 7,721 customers still without electricity in St. Louis. The ongoing efforts of the utility workers deserve recognition as they work around the clock to restore normalcy for the affected residents. 

They have been braving adverse conditions, ensuring that essential services are reinstated promptly.  As the restoration efforts continue, residents still without power are encouraged to stay patient and report any issues to the utility company. Ameren Missouri remains committed to resolving the situation as quickly as possible, and additional resources are being mobilized to address the remaining outages.


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