ReMix Awards honoree Mz Goldie: A Musical Journey of Resilience, Love, and Self-Discovery

Introducing The ReMix Awards honoree, Mz Goldie, a talented and resilient artist, whose love for music transcends any challenges she has faced.

Images courtesy of Mz Goldie

The ReMix Awards Show is just a few notes away, and we are excited to bring you one of the most aspiring entertainers in St. Louis, Mz Goldie, who will be performing and accepting the honor of “Alternative Songress of the Year.”

Nicole Smith, affectionately known as “Mz Goldie” in the music world, is a multifaceted artist whose journey has been marked by resilience, creativity, and an unshakable passion for music. From a young age, Mz Goldie displayed an undeniable talent for singing, beginning her musical journey at the tender age of four. Despite the challenges she faced due to her albinism, which limited her sun exposure, she transformed her confinement into a sanctuary of musical exploration. 

Moreover, her confinement didn’t restrict her spirit; instead, it fueled her curiosity for a diverse range of musical genres. She soaked in every note, beat, and melody from the comfort of her home, ultimately shaping her unique sound. Mz Goldie’s music, characterized by its love, light, and spirituality, reflects the depths of her musical influences and her life experiences.  

The name “Mz Goldie” is as unique as her music. It’s a reflection of her natural blonde hair and the warmth, love, and light that her voice exudes. Her stage name tells a story of an artist deeply connected to her essence. Mz Goldie’s journey was not without its share of tribulations. She is not only a survivor in the music industry but also a survivor of breast cancer. Her eight-year battle with cancer served as a crucible that forged her musical career. In the midst of the struggle, Mz Goldie found her voice and her determination to make her mark in the industry. She ventured into showcases and festivals, transitioning from her initial foray in Karaoke which she did in 1994 to performing her original music.  

Furthermore, one of her notable compositions is “Bittersweet,” a soulful and upbeat song that underscores the importance of self-love. Mz Goldie’s lyrics remind us that amidst life’s ebb and flow, the love we have for ourselves is paramount. “People come and people go,” she says, “but as long as you love yourself, that’s all that matters.” The universality of her message makes “Bittersweet” a song that resonates with audiences far and wide.  Mz Goldie’s talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. 

This year, she’s been nominated for “The Alternative Songstress of the Year” at The ReMix Awards Show, an accolade that she finds deeply humbling and an affirmation of her hard work. As Mz Goldie continues to make her mark in the music world, she wants to be remembered for her love and respect for others, regardless of the challenges she faced. She believes that one’s character ultimately defines them, and her legacy will be one of love, resilience, and a heartfelt commitment to spreading positivity through her music. Mz Goldie’s journey is not just about surviving; it’s about thriving, touching hearts, and inspiring others to embrace the power of self-love.

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