Saved from the death penalty, infamous prisoner Reginald Clemons says thanks to the late activist/radio icon Demetrious Johnson

A sincere thank you to the late great icon of St. Louis Demetrious Johnson, who had touched so many, including Reginald Clemons

The late-Demetrious Johnson(WFUNB-FM)

My name is Reginald Clemons, I was almost killed and probably would have been dead, if it had not been for the late Demetrious Johnson putting my story on the radio. I am sure that I am not the only one, whose life his existence, and his blessings have touched.

Any time a person reaches out to others to make sure their story is told, and then they orchestrated a food drive and charity events. Demetrious Johnson’s own story touch lives in a positive way and in that way, he saved lives in ways unknown.

I was on death row for murder, even one of the victim said that I did not commit. And also a tragedy that I tried aggressively to prevent from happening.

And I thanked Demetrious Johnson for putting my story out there and always took my calls on air. I appreciate that, and because of his goodness and kindness amongst many more, I will try my best to make my life a worthy cause.

Reginald Clemons (Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP, Pool, File)

That is the effect of the underestimated compassion of the hours, days and times we live in. If we put good out into the world and resist the bad. We can move mountains with our faithful prayers in action.

I did not get executed for a murder that I did not commit. Now, thanks to the late-great Mr. Demetrious Johnson, many other activists and lawyers with hearts like his, I can go forward and do as much good as possible.

I had to re-write this upon learning that he had passed, for the original letter never got to him. I want to thank, the historic Argus for helping me through this. Rest in Peace Mr. Demetrious Johnson, I am beyond grateful to you for life!



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