St. Louis: Where do we go from here, as Juneteenth’s weekend shows deadly hope?

St. Louis celebrates Juneteenth with weekend shootings, that extends all across the Midwest.

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When most crimes are done with premeditation, there isn’t much the mayor of St. Louis can do. Especially, when you as a parent or whomever you are, allow your teenagers to be grown, and roam the streets all times of night.

Perhaps you are at work, maybe you are at a party, or maybe you are at a bar. Parents try to give their kids freedom, yet that child always extends that freedom beyond their watchful eye.

Whatever the scenario is, someone needs to be held accountable for these reckless teenagers.

In addition, to the downtown fracas in St. Louis, these youngsters are getting out of character all over the Midwest.

Because of social media pressure, reality television and these bad rap music lyrics. You will have the pressure of trying to mimic fantasy. And truly all of these tormenting factors are encouraging bad behaviors in today’s youth.

Sadly in St. Louis, 10 teenagers were shot, and one has died.But do we know if they all were teenagers?

Video by Fox 2

How old were they, did the hospital get info about their ages, as the police, or is the newspapers just sensationalizing it for profits?

Most definitely, the new head prosecutor Gabe Gore (Circuit attorney), needs to question every last one of the teens that were shot.And their parents need to get involved, before the victims can go home.

Immediately, the mayor needs to find out what and why, they were down there at 1 a.m., to be in a targeted shooting? Moreover, who is renting Airbnb’s late to a group of kids?

Momentarily, property owners should be charged for any criminal activities involving minors. Regardless, if the shooter still has not been founded.

There are a group of concerned citizens reporting on Twitter; all things bad going on downtown. Yet you still have to wonder whether this “concerned” group is harming downtown, rather than helping.

For instance, St. Louis has already lost a trade show for 2024, due to crime downtown, while a few office firms have moved to the west suburbs.

Downtown St. Louis has it issues, but turn the pages in the paper, so are other major cities. As a result, are those cities downtown losing tenants and residents due to crime?

In the meantime, only time will tell, or could it be that St. Louis just do not have any control of its downtown. In retrospective thinking, is this just a scapegoat to leave downtown all together, and start anew somewhere else?

Juneteenth is tomorrow, and is now a national holiday, so where do we go from here?

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