Understanding and being part of Priority Challenges: Board of Aldermen Hearing on the Rams Settlement

By forming a Committee of the Whole, the entire Board of Aldermen can hold hearings on special issues, such as the Rams Settlement.

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The residents of the city and county of our great St. Louis, will now have the opportunity to lend their voice on what the leaders should do with millions of the Rams’ settlement money. If you are privy to the information, you know that the area won a huge settlement from the NFL/Stan Kroenke, after he wrongly relocated the then St. Louis Rams to Inglewood, California. Currently, they now play in their glamourous SoFi Stadium.

As a result, the settlement money that was awarded to St. Louis, had been sitting with interest and used for the Dome’s and the America Center progress. Now, the mayor’s office wants to hear from the public, and we will keep you abreast of anything that is being done or changed as this unfolds.

Furtherly, The Los Angeles Rams are now 3-6, and on a losing streak in their division, and since 2016, they are 67-56, with one Superbowl win.

Priority Challenges

We want to hear directly from city residents to understand your needs. City leadership wants to use this money in ways that help the economy grow, encourage more people to live in the City of St. Louis, and make life better for the people that live here.

The survey asked about the challenges that you and others face living here in St. Louis and is informing the types of proposals we will consider funding through the Rams Settlement.

In the next phase of engagement we will be brainstorming ideas that address the Priority Challenges!

Do you have ideas for how we should spend the Rams Settlement? Visit the Ideas Portal next to suggest your ideas and give feedback on others.

The next meeting is December 2, 2023, click below to sign up!



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