Week 12 Picks: Thanksgiving Gobbler’s Weekend NFL potential winners and losers’ blurb

Coming down the stretch of the NFL season, this is where we separate the pretenders from the contenders.

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Coming down the stretch of the NFL season, this is where we separate the pretenders from the contenders.  There aren’t any truly dominant teams in the league so we’ll see a bunch of teams bunched up and competing for 14 playoff spots.  Now it’s time to break down this week’s games and give you some picks.

Thanksgiving Day Games

Bills vs Lions- The Lions are really scrappy.  Josh Allen is banged up, I almost just penciled in the Bills.  But I do have the Bills winning a close one.   Winner: Bills (But they are on a trap game upset alert)

Giants vs Cowboys – Cowboys are running well with Tony Pollard and they have an all world defense, and Giants are coming back down to Earth. Winner: Cowboys

Patriots vs Vikings – The fighting Kirk Thuggins are back in action after a butt whooping delivered by the Cowboys last weekend.  Winner – Vikings

https://youtu.be/6LHHtSK5ZTM – The Origin of the Chain celebrations.

Now time for Sundays slate

Ravens vs Jaguars – Another pick that should be easy, but Ravens had a death struggle with the Panthers last weekend.  But in the end, In big Truss  (Lamar Jackson) I trust. Lamar and Ravens get the W. 

 Winner – Ravens

Buccaneers vs Browns – Brady is getting back into playing shape after having his mind on retirement and divorce. Winner – Buccaneers

Bengals vs Titans – The Titans sacked Joe Burrow 9 times last season In the playoffs.  Expect King Henry to roll, and for the Titans to get after Joe Burrow again.  Close game but, Winner: Titans.

Texans vs Dolphins – The Texans are awful, Dolphins will roll easy. -Winner Tua and them (The Dolphins)

Bears vs Jets – I like the up and coming Jets, but Justin Fields is very dynamic and tough to stop – Winner- The Bears

Zach Wilson postgame reaction.  https://youtu.be/j_iOe0Hplvs 

Broncos vs Panthers – Panthers have been scrappy but they don’t have any talent left.  Ciara’s Husband and the rest of the Broncos Ride away with the W.  Winner – Broncos

Raiders vs Seahawks – Seahawks win, retirement called Geno Smith, and he didn’t answer.  The Twelfth man will be super loud this weekend.

Rams vs Chiefs – No Matthew Stafford for the Rams no chance.  Rams will pay the Patrick price, and get steam rolled.  Winner – Chiefs

Saints vs 49ers – 49ers are starting to play some great football and get guys back healthy.  Winner – 49ers

Falcons vs Commanders – Commanders have won 5 of 6 and are playing at home, I’ll take the Commanders and their new beautiful black jerseys.  Winner – Commanders

Sunday Night game on NBC

Packers vs Eagles -The Eagles have been shaky the last few weeks.  They should be on upset alert.  But I believe the Eagles will get out of their funk in terms of 3 street not go great performances.

Monday Night Football to close out the weekend .

Steelers vs Colts – Both teams stink but I’ll take Matt Ryan over Kenny Pickett.  Winner – Colts.

Those are you Week 12 picks.   Have fun with these, I know that in my state of Maryland we are doing betting from your phone.  Just remember these picks are for entertainment purposes only. 


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