Argus H.E.A.L.: 10 Signs You Have ADHD (and Not Know It)

Some people might think that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) only affects children but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, studies show that approximately 3% of the adult population is affected by the condition. Worse yet, that number typically represents those who have been officially diagnosed. The numbers could be much higher when you account for the adults who are living with the daily issues caused by ADHD. Fortunately, knowing the symptoms to look for can help you to identify if you need to be checked. 

10 Common Signs Of ADHD In Adults

1. You’re Easily Distracted 

People with ADHD often have trouble focusing, which can affect how well they pay attention during conversations, how well they perform tasks, and whether or not they retain intricate details. 

2. You Have Trouble With Relationships

ADHD can come with certain issues such as talking over others in a conversation, not paying attention to others, and getting bored easily. When in a relationship, these can be interpreted as a lack of interest. Unless your partner can navigate these issues, your relationship might not last. These traits can also affect professional and platonic connections. 

The lack of motivation can mean that you don’t start the tasks you need to. It’s even worse if the projects require hours of focus. 

4. You’re Disorganized

When you have ADHD, it can be hard to prioritize your tasks in a logical way or keep track of what you’ve already done. This disorganization can affect how well you do your job or manage your personal goals.

5. You’re Plagued With Anxiety

Restlessness is a characteristic of ADHD. While some people experience fidgeting, others describe having an internal restlessness that gives them racing thoughts. In either case, it can be accompanied by anxiety

6. Your Emotions Are All Over The Place

Research shows that those with ADHD can have trouble managing seemingly small frustrations. This can result in rapid shifts in your moods throughout the day. 

7. You Lose Track Of Time

Though you may have trouble focusing, you can also have the opposite issue when you have ADHD. Those with the condition may have the ability to pay attention to one task for a long time. Aptly called hyperfocus, the result is that you lose track of time and don’t accomplish the other things on your to-do list. 

8. You Always Procrastinate

If you often ignore tasks that seem boring or put off the ones you don’t feel able to handle, you’ll find yourself procrastinating a lot. It doesn’t help that you’re likely to forget many things as well. The end result is poor time management.

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