Opinion: Why we should just cancel the Annie Malone’s May Day parade, downtown St. Louis?

I think The Annie Malone Parade needs to just show boat in the hood, start at Whittier and go down Martin Luther King until it runs out of floats.

This was sent in from a local resident of St. Louis, and since we had room, we allowed it to be posted. It does not in anyway reflect our views one way or the other. Letter to the Editor.

I would like to thanks The Argus St. Louis for responding to my letter. I have sent it to several people, until the editor reached back out to be.

I have been living in Chicago for about 15 years, then my parent got sick and here I am back in St. Louis. And I must say it is a culture shock.

In addition to Chicago being bigger, there is some many more things to percolate there. Yet, I love my home city and I do believe I am here for the rest of my days.

I was born in the middle 70’s, so I’d grown accustomed to the taste of St. Louis. But for the life of me, I just don’t get how such a beautiful downtown could experience so much chaos.

I won’t tell you what building I live in with my roommates, but I will say this, it is flat out in disorder. As a gay man, I have never in my life, seen so many disrespectful kids.

Oh yes, in Chicago, they are there too. But you would expect it there, being a place of over 3 million people in the city limits alone.

I went to the grocer to get some items, youngsters all outside begging, cursing people out, with no regards to tourist and regulars alike.

During parties, young teens and grownups, are constantly outside my building with guns and fighting, and smoking drugs like it is nothing. I think someone allowed them to rent out the apartment on Airbnb.

I even heard there was some issues on the riverfront, where people couldn’t get off the Riverboat, or to their cars. Because these grown folks blocking the way; shooting and fighting and whatever, just to be seen.

I think The Annie Malone Parade needs to just show boat in the hood, start at Whittier and go down Martin Luther King until it runs out of floats.


You can’t tell me that Annie Malone has done anything positive to help kids. Sure, they raised money, housed kids and what not, but what have these kids did in return?

I am certain, that some of them have gone on to live functional lives, for instance, my neighbor said he was a product from Annie Malone. He is now a successful computer analysis, and work out of his condo.

However, he stated that some kids just didn’t get the break he had gotten. They are left in the streets, and the streets in turn, has taken them in.


As a result, I feel like no one should be enjoying the parade downtown, until they get some order restored downtown St. Louis. I hate to say this, I am so flat out ashamed of some of my black people.

In that regards, I am very ashamed of Kim Gardner, and all the people that have allowed my hometown to get downgraded and insulted.

No, Annie Malone May Day Parade, downtown St. Louis!



When did the Annie Malone parade start?

The parade is the agency’s largest fundraiser. The first May Day Parade was in 1910. Annie Malone was a businesswoman, philanthropist and inventor. She was one of the first African American women to become a millionaire in the United States.


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