Black History: The Top streaming longest running limited series, movies or sitcoms of the decades

This Black History season show some love and continue to support black excellence online and broadcast.

Oscar Vegas

I am so happy for my black heritage, we have come a long way in Hollywood. Sure there are still more roads to turn and more acceptance to gather. But we as a people are being noticed in more ways than ever.

With streaming platforms popping up all over the world wide web. And black Independent filmmakers getting more creative and an inch of notoreity.

The black voice is been seen more by the voices we know and understand. I wanted to list in my opinion the shows,movies or series that are good for streaming.

In addition to being out of date, these films are great for binge watching. Or you can start at a favorite point and enjoy it all over again.

No matter what your viewing pleasure, just know you can subscribe to platforms like Hulu, Prime, Tubi, Pluto or Netflix and catch a great one.

My Top picks:

  1. Greenleaf
  2. Queen Sugar
  3. Empire
  4. Saints and Sinners
  5. The Have and Have Nots
  6. Family Business
  7. The Parkers
  8. A House Divided
  9.  Power
  10. Blackish

Last, there you have it, all of the shows that you may stream on several platforms, including ALLBLK, Prime, BET, OWN, Hulu and Netflix. This Black History season show some love and continue to support black excellence online and broadcast.


Current series: Family Business

Past series: The Have and Have Nots


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