Event Note: Dudes, Dads & Donuts, an Event working to change the Narratives amongst our Youth

A chance to bring more self-esteem and relationship building to our youth, so support Dudes, Dads, and Donuts.

The purpose and the goals of Dudes, Dads & Donuts are to provide young African American men with examples of strong, successful men in several areas of their lives. We bring in fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, mentors, and every aspect of the impact necessary to change our youth’s lives.

To get our men back engaged with our youth in schools, the community, and their homes. Having young men around businesspersons, owners, teachers, trainers, spiritual leaders, etc, will be beneficial. This event will be enjoyable, it will be emotional, and it will be impactful to everyone involved. The community is the heartbeat of this event, and the overall aim is to mend the brokenness of our men.

This event is Presented & Sponsored by University City School District, Projectlyf3 Plus Inc., in conjunction with Strength and Honor Mentoring. Special Guest Speakers include Dr. Sharonica Hardin (UCSD Superintendent), Dr. Michael Peoples (UCHS Principal), DJ Bowtie (Dallas, TX), Gary Boyd (Them Yo People), Rene Knott (KSDK News), Terry Crow (Ucity Mayor), Gregory Rose (Ucity City Manager), Del Taylor (State Rep), Tom Bommarito (Businessman) and Reginald Smith (Businessman).

Everyone in attendance will walk away with a new sense of hope in our community. Through our Pl3Plus Inc. scholarship giveaway, we can provide male graduating seniors with assistance going into college, and offer them extra resources to succeed in school.

Bring your favorite fellow and join us for donuts, refreshments, and real discussions. Sign up with our EventBrite so we can ensure that there are enough refreshments for all that will be attending.Organizer.


University City High School, 7401 Balson Drive, University City, MO 63130


Saturday, April 1, 2023, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.




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