Hit with the good, bad and ugly, The St. Louis Galleria Shopping oasis has been just-there for way too long.

As a result, today marks a great day to start crossing out names on your list for the holidays.

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Not only is today All Saints Day, it is also a un-seasonably warm day in St. Louis. Last year on this date, it was 45 degrees and low was 41.

As a result, today marks a great day to start crossing out names on your list for the holidays. Because Christmas is only 49 days away, if you are looking for some gift giving ideas.

I decided to take my lunch break at The St. Louis Galleria. In addition to it being so peaceful and light with foot traffic. I was able to sit down and enjoy a large tea from St. Louis Bread Company, without the hassle of seeing security chasing someone.

But I digress, the mall has been around since 1955, as the Westroads Shopping Center, and has since expanded with anchors like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. The mall has a Build a Bear and the second only Apple Store in the area.

So, whatever your plans are for this week, enjoy the warm weather while it last. And get to crossing out the list for the holiday’s shopping season.

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The recession hit Galleria sales hard in 2008. Jimmy’z and Mark Shale closed. Richmond Heights, which gets half its revenue from sales taxes and for which the Galleria is the largest taxpayer, saw sales-tax receipts drop from $10.1 million in fiscal 2007 to $9.1 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2008.[9] Mark Shale has since been replaced with two restaurants, Weber Grill Restaurant(now closed) and Texas de Brazil, and Helium Comedy Club.

In 2017, the mall was the site of protests after the acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith.

In June 2018, a customer was stabbed by another customer at the mall.

In July 2020, a shooting inside the Galleria took place leaving one man dead and one man injured.

Please note: Beginning April 20, 2007, after two incidents between teenagers and rampant shoplifting, anyone under 16 is required to be accompanied by someone at least 21 years old on Fridays and Saturdays after 3pm.


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